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How does it work?

Assignments.Work helps you delegate, supervise and track essential processes implemented by you and your team. Here's how it works:

You build a checklist (click here to see a sample)

Use your experience & expertise about a process to create a helpful checklist that highlights the key steps to perform the process.

You assign the checklist

Delegate the checklist to a co-worker to perform the process.


Your co-worker works on the checklist

Using your checklist as a guide and checking off items as they go, your co-worker implements the step-by-step process

Your co-worker completes the checklist

They finish the process and return the completed checklist to you for review.


You review the completed checklist

You assess the finished checklist and approve it (or not). You keep a copy for your records.


You and your co-worker acknowledge a job well done — and look forward to doing it again with the same helpful checklist soon!



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